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Delineation - Flagging or Boundary Estimates

Permitting - Federal, State, Local

Mitigation Design, Plans, Monitoring

Preservation Credit Assessment


Tree Inventories

Species Identification

Tree Tagging

Inventory Reports

Protection Plans


Rare Species

Threatened and Endangered Species

Habitat Assessment





Ecological Assessments

Evaluation of Natural Area Ecology

Ecological History and Potential

Ecological Assessment Reports

MNRTF Grant Application Supplements


Botanical Surveys

Plant Species Inventories

Rare Plant Searches

Floristic Quality Assessment

Vegetation Management Plans

Fat Head Minnow

Aquatic Surveys

Mussel Surveys

Fish Surveys

Macroinvertebrate Surveys

Water Quality Monitoring


Ordinance Administration

 Wetland Ordinance

Waterway Ordinance

Tree Ordinance

Weed Ordinance


Training and Field Trips

 Wetland Identification, Delineation, Regulation

Plant Species Identification

Forest Ecology

Local Natural History

Groups or Individuals, Year-round


Natural Area Protection
and Resource Advocacy
Public Comment
Protection Campaigns
Administrative or Contested Case Hearings
Expert Witness Testimony, MEPA Suits
Grant Writing
Non-profit Filings and Start-up
Low Rates for Individuals, Groups, and Non-profits


Land Management

 Ecosystem Restoration and Enhancement

Habitat Management

Native Landscaping

Timber Harvest Planning

Tree Removal Service



 Medicinal Plant Collection

Open-pollinated Garden Seed

Hay Sale

Salvaged Barn Wood

Woodcraft and Pioneering Techniques